Reliable software to manually control system fan RPM?

I am looking for a piece of software that I can use to manually control my system fan RPM.

The fans are mounted to the radiator of a Corsair H80i. The Corsair Link software is pure trash, so I have disconnected the 'Link' USB header and connected the fans directly to the 4-pin mobo system fan headers (GA-Z97X-Gaming 5).
Gigabyte do provide a utility that offers some control, but it is also pretty terrible and requires their equally terrible 'App Centre' to load at start-up. I was using it, but it has randomly decided it won't load at start-up any more, regardless of re-installation.

So, I have had to resort to manually setting the fan speeds through the BIOS, but this only offers very limited fan control (for whatever reason). The highest that I can manually set it is 700 RPM.

I have one fan set at 700 RPM and the other set at 1400 RPM (full speed).

Ideally I want to have the 700 RPM at 950 RPM (any higher and it starts to 'whine' loudly due to Corsairs radiator design, at first I thought it was a faulty fan with bad bearings) and the 1400 RPM at 1150 as this offered the best cooling to noise ratio in my system. I just need to find reliable software that can achieve this task.

Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!


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fan controller / bios everything else leaves a lot to be desired.