Reliable New Phone Battery Suppliers

Oh no, i did not mean it in any bad way, DPD are the best shipping company I have dealt with so far, fast and reliable and actually seem to take care with packages. It justs truck me as odd that they were the only option when the site says specifically GLS.

EDIT: Ah yes re-reading what I wrote that makes sense, I meant I hope the batteries are decent.

We will soon find out, hopefully everything will be ok :wink:

And how are the batteries doing after all this time?

They are doing great. Still on the first one and it lasts the full day when I am at work with occasional/infrequent use. Very happy with them.

Nice. I would feel bad if after recommending the GC it turned out that their quality had deteriorated over time. But it’s important that everything is ok and you are satisfied. :slight_smile:

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