Reliable New Phone Battery Suppliers

My phone (Samsung Note 3 SM-N9005) is still plenty capable but the battery is failing. It is old enough to have a removable back and replaceable battery but I am not exactly trusting of local “Fix-it shops” to buy a battery from them and online is total a wild west.

Do any of you know of reliable or reputable battery suppliers that ship to Europe (Maybe should have said Ireland specifically)?

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Same question, but to Canada.



Given that you can get compatalbe batterys on AliExpress for $7 each, does it matter too much if they are not quite long lasting enough? Roll of the dice and take your chances. The ones you get from your local skumbags will only be from AliExpress anyhow. Might as well cut out the middle man and make the cost saving yourself.

On a side note AliExpress have refurbed Galaxy Note 3 refurbed units for around a hundred bucks. How does the phone hold up as a daily driver in 2020? I really miss having a phone with a removable battery.

I’ve dealt with A LOT of third party, crappy batteries… Yes, it does matter.

Do you really want to disassemble your whole phone every 30 days because the new battery you bought no longer holds a charge, dies randomly, doesn’t correctly display the remaining battery life, or is just straight up dead? And at the end of all that, you still need to buy another new battery? Nah, that’s stupid.

OP, buy find a supplier of a genuine/OEM/original battery for your phone, or AT LEAST name-brand company that is making their own batteries for the phone. Don’t rely on super cheap no-name brand batteries for your phone. Pay the little bit extra for the battery, and get a much better experience.

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I totaly understand when you are taliking about phones that don’t have users servicble batterys. But when the back comes off and you can change the battery in a matter of seconds like the Note 3 that we were taliking about it’s less of an issue.

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But when the back comes off and you can change the battery in a matter of seconds like the Note 3 that we were taliking about it’s less of an issue.

Oh snap, you’re 100% right. Really sorry about that, I was thinking in my head that the Note 3 had a non-user replacable battery.

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It is holding up great, I don’t do much heavy stuff with my phones these days so mine is basically all stock and outdated (i do keep meaning to put something custom on there) and it is just fine for day to day use. For example, youtube videos, reddit, web browsing, music playing and maybe some light gaming is I am bored and caught with no better options., I put quick notes on it and shopping lists, I use it for Discord video calls and taking the occasional photo (though the camera is definitely showing its age but for unimportant stuff it is just fine, the front camera is really not great but works absolutely fine for the video calls), some messaging on various platforms and as my alarm clock I think that about covers it for my use.

It does all of that with out any problems and the pen is still nice to have even if not used frequently.

The only real complaint I have is the default software is surprisingly limited, like no torch application for some reason or readily accessible calendar (the is one on there but there is no way to get to it) and stuff like taking a screenshot is frustrating as they disabled the usual Power Button + Volume Down combo in favour of their gesture system which makes you palm swipe left to right which is not always detected properly and will frequently scroll the screen or zoom it or some other weirdness you don’t what and maybe also take a screenshot which mess it all up and the screen moved. All of this can be fixed with a custom android rom and that is probably recommended as it is stuck on 5 for the stock one.

Oh one point worth mentioning since we are talking batteries too,
The NFC coil is built into the stock battery
so replacing ti almost always means you will love that functionality as far as I can see. I do not use this so it is okay but if you do it is worth keeping in mind.

I paid €200 for mine from CEX about 2 years ago now and that was worth it for me.

@mihawk90 Unfortunately:

Batteries may only be shipped within the contiguous USA at this time

Otherwise that would be perfect as they probably would not use crappy suppliers.

Hmm, manufacturer or salesman? Maybe Green Cell B800BE 3200mAh fits N9005. I use their laptop battery and it’s ok but I didn’t use it for the phone.
I ordered from them …

Thank you, I will take a look, worth a punt at the price anyway. I emailed them about shipping to Ireland as they don’t list it specifically in their list of countries.

Yeah well you didn’t specify where you were initially :stuck_out_tongue:

They use GLS, and GLS delivers to Ireland. But you have to wait for the official answer. :wink:

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I did say Europe, which is not the USA, just not which European country.

@TimHolus yeah it should be able to get here but I know some places are odd about sending Lithium batteries.

And what does the situation look like, they wrote back to you?

Not yet, I might try again, I am not entirely convinced it sent.

Okay it definitely sent this time, now we wait, it is the weekend so probably be monday before I hear back.

I wrote to them on Saturday at 16:00 saying “Hello, are you able to send the purchased goods to Ireland?” after five minutes I got a reply saying


Thank you for your interest in our offer. Yes, we offer shipping to Ireland for PLN 69.

If you have additional questions, we are available.

Michał Kurowski
Sales Specialist

So you can order if the price of 16 euros for transport suits you, then maybe by Friday you will get a package if GLS will try.

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Huh, I just made sure it was not in spam as I got the confirmation it was sent and the auto reply that they will get back but no email yet.

Either way thank you very much I will give them a try. And the bonus is my current battery is not totally dead just frequently not lasting a day any more. So if all else fails I am not stuck just yet.

Then let us know when the package comes to you and opinions about the battery. :wink:
If you have any problems / delays you can write to me the order number on PM then I will try to contact them and maybe I will be able to help something. But hopefully there won’t be such a need.

It took a while but I have finally ordered them. Should be here next Friday, Oddly while they use GLS and GLS operate here, the delivery was only available through DPD but that’s fine. I hope they are decent now.

Maybe they use several companies. Maybe GLS is too busy. who knows … It is important that it arrived and it is ok. I used DPD many times in my case they were rather ok, maybe it used to be worse.