Releasing a game

Hello TekSyndicate,

Over the past 12 months I have been learning a large amount of java and developing small games as I went along. What I would like advice on is actually releasing the game. I am well aware that finishing the game is the most important thing for a "first" game. 

When releasing a game what do I have to worry about/consider. I'm living in Australia and under 18 so I am unaware of the laws regarding selling a game. Would I have issues  legally selling it or would I be able to sell it without a hitch, along with this what distribution platforms would you recommend Desura, Steam or simply from our website.



When releasing a first game, don't expect raving reviews. I remember making my first game and completely becoming overwhelmed because nobody else liked my game (I was 12 so that is also a factor). I think the most positive thing you can do from a first game is sort of see how people like it. Google has a great surveying system and if you're up for it you can write your own as well (google is just faster). As far as distribution platforms goes, if you're going to be selling it for a price, selling it directly from your own website can be much more profitable. I found with certain platforms made specifically for indies, they can start to really chunk out profits by a noticeable margin.

I'm not completely sure about selling it directly in Australia, but in America usually its ok to do that. Paypal is a good system to use if you are going to sell directly, as you don't always have to file as a business and pay the taxes and such for the business if you're a single developer alone.