Release Date For R9 Fury

I have seen allot about the R9 Fury X recently and how its going to be followed by the release of a mid spec card between the Fury X and 390X called the R9 Fury. I was wondering what day the NDA will lift for the reviews and when the card will be available for open sale. By the looks of it from the one review that i have seen the R9 Fury will be better than the 980 and will some times beat the 980Ti depending on the game. Thats what i have seen from the 4K benchmark footage, looks promising to me but i would like to see when it will be released.

The R9 Fury is already out. as for the models. as far as I'm aware only the ASUS and Sapphire models are out. everyone else is late with it.

I have only seen then on pre order so i assumed they had not fully released, any ideas as to when the reviews will start to appear.

They have good sir.

Fury Vs 980

the list goes on lol

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I am apparently one blind motherfucker, thanks


New egg has the Asus model in stock last time I looked. Posted it yesterday to give anyone interested a heads up. I ordered mine, it shipped today.

I've been looking everywhere and I still don't see it in stores.

New egg shows out of stock but yesterday they had it.

Damn. People were really excited about the Fury.

I guess a lot of people don't want to give Nvidia money anymore, considering how anti consumer they have been lately.
I'd get a fury if I could get my hands on one.

That could be a possibility. And I'd get one too, if there were enough of them in stores so that they won't sell out so quickly like they've been doing as of late.

Furys are out of stock in most places beause there is the Sapphire and the Asus model out. I got one (Sapphire) and it works great. If it would crossfire with my W8100, that would be great^^

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Fury has been out for a while, I've had mine for a week today,

its outa stock atm, but AMD have finally fixed their interposer supply chain problem so more AIB versions should be coming out soon.

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