Reinstall Windows 81

I have a small problem with my laptop. A few months ago i had my laptop's motherboard repaired by a company through a local person that fixes computers. When it returned after it was fixed, I installed the windows updates as needed, however after the updates were installed I was greeted to a black screen. So using task manger, I was able to go back to before I installed the updates and I have been working on that for these few months. Therefore i figured I should reinstall windows finally because I had been having other effects such as whenever i would go to put my laptop to sleep, it would restart, or if put in hibernate mode, it will shut down, if i shut it down, it will restart. I was trying to restart into uefi from recovery mode in windows and launch the install disc for windows, but all it does is restart into windows without doing anything. As far as i know, the oem keys are stored on the device it self so i will not require a product key.
So for my question, how can i reinstall windows with these issues? Do i have to format make hard drive and then try or what should i do exactly?

I would suggest using this program to find your windows key just in case Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder LINK
Once you have your key, you can go here LINK to download the windows 8.1 install media.
Just follow the instructions and it will install to a USB or DVD.
When you boot up you will need to select the boot device, usually F8 or F11, depends on your pc and you can load into the windows install. Its going to ask for language, region then keyboard and finally ask for your windows key.
I would suggest going to advanced install then wiping all partitions from the current drive and allocate the drive.
Windows install will properly make the necessary system partition and storage partition. The recover partition will need to be made by you if you want it.

The thing is in my splash screen it does not show any buttons because like i said it is a laptop. I know how to install it, my trouble is getting my laptop to recognize the disc, and getting into the uefi. Using the restart method from within windows does not working because, what I am assuming is, a kernel problem.

Belarc Advisor will provide you with a print out of all your system specs, including hardware configurations, installed security patches, software keys, versions .. The whole nine yards. Give it a shot, and then download fresh install media from Microsoft and activate it with the your windows key.

EDIT: What type of laptop do you have, you'd have to figure out what the keys are to get into the BIOS or boot manager and choose the correct boot drive.

I have read online in multiple places the OEM keys are stored on the device itself therefore I do not think i will require it for the install. Also i have already created an install media cd.

I dont think that it will use the OEM keys if you run a fresh install from your own media ... I think the way that works is by using the recovery partition to restore your system.

"Windows 8 made reinstalling Windows on OEM systems much easier. Changes to SLP mean that vanilla Microsoft install media can still look for those text strings and activate if it finds them. That's why most PCs now lack the product key stickers that were stuck all over Windows 7 PCs; even for users who want to reinstall Windows, they're not really necessary anymore unless you're installing a version of Windows that's different from what came with the system."