Regretting my macbook purchase

I bought a Macbook Pro w/ retina about a year ago, and I have slowly regretted my decision more and more with each passing day. For the most part its the proprietary nature of the thing, making it hard sometimes to jump from my windows desktop to my Macbook to my android phone, and trying to get them to play nice with each other. What would you or anyone in the Teksyndicate forums recommend as a replacement? It needs good battery life, I use it as my daily driver for school(in high school, will be heading to university next year), so it needs to be fairly reliable and quick, and can be within the same price range or lower as the Macbook. 

Take a look at MSI and Asus they both make good laptops in a variety of ranges

Either keep it and put windows on it , or sell it ( they keep good value ) and get a laptop , tell us what your price range and location are , and we can do some recommendations .

The good news is they hold their value well so as pointed out why not just sell it? If you do like the hardware then just get Windows 8.1 on there. You could also keep OSX on there or even just use VirtualBox to create a windows VM.


I might end up selling it, If I wanted to put windows on it I would need to upgrade the ssd as it only has 120 ish GB total, so dividing that between windows and OS X doesn't sound incredibly appealing. Seeing as they do definitely seem to hold their value, I would look to buy something comparable or cheaper in price, the mac was about 1400 including tax. I live in Ontario Canada! If you have any recommendations I would love the assistance. 

The Surface Pro 3 is an excellent device but you're going to be stuck in the same predicament of not being able to upgrade the internal components. There's this dude in my Pre-Calculus Class, Who has one. I got Ultra Jelly when i saw him using the tablet as a notebook for class. whilst reading the PDF Textbook my Professor had given to us for free.

That's funny, I am currently reviewing a surface pro 3 for a local tv station (we have a super cheesy local tv show for tech related things, so a large retail store in the area lets us borrow products to use and review), and I have been using that in the Canadian version of pre calculus class(advanced functions), our supply teacher kept coming over and watching us mess around on it

I think I am going to sell the thing, does anyone have any recommendations for something less than 1400 that would be a better option the the macbook pro with retina?

Would it be necessary to have a laptop in class during university anyways? If I was to take a computer science related course I am assuming a lot of work is going to be math and science related, so it's going to be mostly note taking by hand.... and I have my desktop anyways so would that not be enough?

I will argue that the Surface Pro 3 is the best device for a Student. You can use it as notebook and as a laptop with the keyboard cover. The Guy that has it in my class basically didn't need to carry a backpack. With the exception of some courses which the professors were old farts and didn't wish to create a digital copy of the textbook they wrote for the courses also So far Windows 10 is looking more and more promising.

Yeah I must admit I am liking what i am seeing with windows 10. I wonder how easy it will be to find the online versions of my university textbooks and save money.. anyways, the surface pro 3 might be my choice. Its incredibly lightweight  and pretty quick, and has an unlocked bios so I can actually load whatever I want onto it :D

One word: Parrelels

I have considered it for my mac, but that's not going to leave a whole lot of space for either OS, if I dedicate it 50/50 or however else, its still leaving very little room on either side. Unless of course I upgrade, but I dont feel like throwing even more money into the thing this early in, let alone buying another copy of windows

It depends. If your professor is a person who won't get with the times and digitize their work, you're probably going to have a hard time getting a digital copy of a textbook. I've been pretty lucky most of the professors I've had are very tech savvy and they've made digital copies. With the exception of my Chemistry Professors. I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro it's an 8 inch Windows tablet and it does what i need it do. (With the exception of typing my Lab Reports) [Chemistry Major Problems :( ] i use it also as notepad since I bought the Dell Proprietary Stylus. The only thing that kills these 8 inch tablets is the lack or a Full USB port. The bigger models have a USB port. But Overall the Tablet / Laptop experience is Very Promising. I think in 10 years we may not even need notebooks anymore.

Hey man,  Im currently in school and after doing some extensive review work, I decided to skip the mac computers.  Don't get me wrong I like apples stuff, but I also like having options with my tech gear.  So go with the Hp 4540s, the thing has great specs, when compared to a mac its almost 1/3 the price for twice as much computer.  Plus you can head over to tonymacx86 check out the forums and dual boot the thing with OSx and windows of your choice.  I am currently running OSx and windows 7 on mine.



Well, personally if I was going to buy a laptop today, I would get a ThinkPad T440s.

Why don't you just install Windows as a main OS on your macbook though.

Why not trow windows on it in a dual boot ?

Because His Retina Display Macbook Pro, I'm pretty sure he has the 128GB model. if he's planning to sell it for 1400+ USD.  Setting up the MBP for Dual Boot would require that you split that 128GB SSD In in half (I'm sure you already know that) I don't think 64GBS is enough for Windows. Technically it is, but You aren't going to Install that much stuff on it. shit even installing a Game there goes your windows partition right there lol

Look at the Lenovo G505s with an AMD A10. You may have to dig a little to find it but my friend has it and it is AWESOME. Light, and only an inch thick. it plays games pretty well too, as long as you get the version with the A10 and not the stupid Core i3 with Intel graphics.

Just make sure you get StartIsBack for Windows 8.1 :P

Also the sound card can be a little bit of a special child because its one of those combination headphone/mic plugs...but that's easily solved with an el cheapo USB sound card off Amazon.

Yeah that was my concern... That just didn't seem like the best idea to throw 2 OSs on that 128 GB