Registered ECC kills non Registered MOBOS?

Or doesn't it? :wink:
I have a 990FXA-UD3 r4.1 + 9590 FX
RAM: Registered ECC. Can I give it a try, or do I risk frying the crap out of the board? Cheers.

I don't know if it will kill it but it won't work, I'm not even sure if it will fit in the slot.

Not in my experience, I've tried some Reg RAM in some Intel boards that didn't support it. Got the angry beep of faulty RAM. Never tried Reg RAM in 990FX boards. But no use to try it as it won't work.

Oh it'll fit in the slot, but as you said there is no chance it works.

The memory controller on a 9590 doesn't support registered memory and thus there is no way it will work. It probably won't fry it, but there's no reason to try it. ECC on 990fx boards is hit or miss (depending on if the manufacture went to the trouble of implementing the 9th channel needed and if they bothered to in any way support it in bios), and its limited to only Unbuffered DIMMs.

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From memory I think that board will work with non-registered, unbuffered ECC memory. I was looking at it, or it might have been the UD5, when I was getting a new board for my server. But there's no chance registered will work, it's just not the same thing.

Ace, thank you! Just enough detail to close the case on that one.

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non registered ECC ram would be no problem on a top end 990fx mobo but the UD3 is a bottom of the barrel 990FX board. if it supports it i would be shocked.

Ah, but it does. I have checked the QVL :slight_smile:

if you look under looming hawk's post it says there are two replies.
If you look at my replies, only one has the indication it was actually a reply to loominghawk.

Hence my double post.

lol no need to worry about double posts or a triple post to address the fact that there was a double post.

Your sense of humor is bewildering.

Rev 4.0 and newer were some of the best boards AM3+ had to offer outside of the $150+ stuff. Dunno what you're smoking M8. I have a 4.0 lying around here too, its a good board. One of the boards that actually has some of the most verified compatibility with ECC UDIMMS.

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just shows how i havent payed attention to the revisions of boards for AM3+. for how long its been around they must have done some major changes. and i am a little bit bias's because i hate the MSI 990FX board that i am using for my 1100T.

As many said before no, those ECC sticks won't kill your system. The worst that can happen is your board going "nope" and refusing to boot. Other than that feel free to try.

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No it wont kill any motherboard.
But in the worst case scenario, the board might not support said memory modules.
And then it simply wont boot.

Still i personally dont really see why allot of people are so stoked about ECC memory really.
But thats a discussion for another time i guess. :slight_smile:


Seeing as no harm; will give Rdimms a shot and report back.
Udimms ordered thanks to the great wisdom bestowed by Caveman. :heart:

Don't worry I'm buying ECC because of the nametag xD Or am i o.O

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So, the mobo blew and you were never able to report back?

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