Regarding the Tek mouse

So I love how the mouse looks I need a new mouse anyway, it would be perfect....... if it didn't glow purple. My favorite color color is green, and i was hoping for either RGB or several color/no light options. So will there be more options, or something of the sort? Purple is the worst color option for me....

For me so far the mouse is extremely disappointing when they market it as a no frills mouse when there's a sniper button, lights, and DPI switch buttons. I would have rathered that tek syndicate teamed up with mionix, steelseries, or zowie to make a tek syndicate version for epicpants. So for now I will not be buying a mouse because my steelseries rival 300 is a much superior mouse. Also I would recommend if you really need a $35 mouse just buy a steelseries rival 100 mouse which will be much better than the tek syndicate mouse.

Why will the steelseries rival 100 be better?

I like the mouse, i just dont want it to be purple.
I like the side buttons, i find them useful in FPS games. DPI switch is pretty useful. I also don't mind lights, I adore shiny things. I like that the sensor is so accurate, and the mouse looks beautiful.

More DPI control, rgb led (if you want it) and finally programmable buttons. For me it is very disappointing that the mouse has no soft ware because it means that you are stuck with the sniper button. I find that sniper buttons are useless because of the fact that switching DPI doesent make you more accurate.

That is a little disappointing.I really would be fine with it if i could have RGB though.

"Superior mouse" You mean it has the features you like? That doesn't make it a superior product.

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The point of this mouse was to have no software. I am sure if this one is well received a mouse with software control might be in the works.

This is the first hardware release it won't be perfect but its goal was to be a great affordable option where being a good mouse is more important than being a cool feature rich mouse.

(not a fan of the sniper button either)


Remember no software means it works everywhere for everyone. If they start putting software in it now they have to either pick and choose who to cater for or make software for windows, mac, and linux, etc. Price goes up.

Same with the rgb LED. A single colour is far cheaper, rgb now means control software, more components, possible more buttons. Price goes up.

I do have a question maybe @Logan or @DeusQain can answer, Logan said on the latest Tek that it works best on dark mouse pads. How dark? Im specifically thinking of the tek syndicate mouse pads like the Zweihänder Höllenta and Zweihänder Nitheren desk mats.

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If you appreciate the free content and wish to see Tek Syndicate succeed. You wouldn't mind buying the mouse. Like @Logan said in an episode of The Tek. Nothing gets sold without his approval of quality or that of Epic John. I'm buying a mouse soon cause I know that great things are on the way. Remember if the mouse sells and gets in demand, the greater the odds are of having more advanced computer accessories.

I wouldnt mind only one color if there could be the ability to choose which color its shipped with.

Lol some strong opinions from people who haven't used the mouse.

I've got one coming in the mail so we'll see how good or bad it compares to its more mainstream kin.

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Im sure its a great mouse, but i could never do purple. Its gotta be green.

You could probably take the shell off and snip the led

Yeah heck i know where to find a soldering iron and a green LED. I could do that, i just wanted to know if more options were planned.

As far as they've said, if this goes well there is more stuff in the works. What that specifically means for mice, dunno. I'm guessing maybe a white mouse with different LED.

Hmm. I dont like white mice, but idk

@Yoinkerman and @Devon_Cahill, based on this, there's probably a white LED version next.

White LED is nice and neutral and it will probably sell quite well.

But I have a feeling they can't manage that (many LED versions) financially quite just yet.
If they start catering to all the different colors it's gonna get a bit more expensive real quick because if you're gonna shoot for a certain price point, you gotta order a certain amount. And if you're not sure you can move all those items you ordered... It's risky.
And they'd need to dedicate quite a bit of storage space for the different mices.
If I'm not misunderstanding what Logan said, the first batch of mice was 1000 units. Then factor in what they're paying for that "big" of a batch.

So if this first, purple LED batch, and the next batch which could be white LED, sell really well, they might consider a "premium" RGB version. The current mouse in the store is, after all, the standard issue.
And the store page also says "We decided not to pay for software for this batch."
So, perhaps there will be a RGB version with software in the future? Though you could just have a bunch of presets and tack on some way to change between those.
But anyway, if they sell well, expect more things to come in the future.

Rgb was a couple extra dollars per mouse. We will do a version in rgb eventually.


Ok cool. I am definitely going to buy one when that comes out. I don't need full RGB but it would be nice to have some way to get multiple colors.