Refurb Exos HDD

Anyone have any experience with refurbished Exos (or any brand) drives? Looking at getting a set of these for a DS220+ for my MIL. I would keep a remote copy backup of the data on me personal file server so I am a little more bold in my risk analysis.

Depends, really. If done by the manufacturer, I’m fine (actually, I have a recertified 8TB drive in my file server) but if done by the vendor, walk away. I’m sure it can be fine, but the risk is too great for data integrity/retention/whatever.


I treat anything not sold by the manufacturer, but labeled as ‘refurb’ the same as ‘used’ - the ‘guarantee’ they note isn’t through the manufacturer, it’s from the seller, and there are so many fly-by-night’s (and shady sellers who’d refuse to honor for one made up reason or another), I can’t see a reason to treat them any other way.

For HDD’s, assuming I just need a whack of storage and don’t really care about the data (easily+quickly recovered from backup), I’d just go for the 10TB HGST’s - $10/TB seems to be about as good as it gets, unless you get down to <=6TB range. Anything larger the price goes up at least 20%, and even then is often SMR shucks, and anything smaller only saves ~20% while 40%+ capacity.

Idk what the bandwidth’s like at your MIL’s (or how far away they are), but that recovery time is something I’d want to keep in mind - if it’s like a 30-40 minute drive, I wouldn’t feel bad about the risk. If you’re looking at having to use your upload/their download though… Well, for me at least, that’d extend (local to MIL) downtime to close to a month thanks to a super meager upload that’s already strained by plex and off-site backups lol