Redundant psu question

Do I need to use it? I got nice ,cheap enterprise switch that comes with redundant psu but all my networking gear is connected to ups and If connect both leads i wouldnt be able to connect one of my machines. So the question is. Should i connect both psu to ups, should I connect one (not even sure if its going to report an error,heh manual is over 900 pages and doesnt specify that) or should I buy another power strip for UPS ( I am already using one for low amp stuff).

I don't think you need to power both of them. If you have both connected to the same UPS or the same circuit then it's only redundancy for the cable or PSU itself. If it's not mission critical then I wouldn't worry about it.

Usually you can run such macines and devices from one PSU; I would hook one onto the UPS the other just to the wall; Thats what I do with my servers that have redundant ones; Like that I can switch the UPS ... as I am not that paranoid to use two seperate UPS

@Th3Z0ne I havent thought about that, great idea.
@Dexter_Kane its not mission critical but its going to be a core switch ---> 24 port sfp+ ,layer 3 if license allows it, etc, i dont get my hopes high (might be software locked to layer 2) ,i ordered new nic or my pf sense router -- e3 1240L just in case it doesnt do layer 3 ) ,4 or more switches connected to it plus some pcs, i need some vlans etc.

so many questions ,I would need multiple topics for it as the setup progresses .