Rediculous Case


this looks ridiculous

Ridiculous* On a side note. Holy shit that looks amazing.

looks cool.

here more pics






also available in white

Wow. Kinda small now that I look at it. Where do the hard drives go..?

lol its so small....

Its awesome though

2 seconds apart. Owned. Lol.

It's probably gonna be cheap. definatly only able to be used for gaming

Lol. How am I not surprised. It's a Korean made case. For some reason, Korean people make ODD looking cases. Zalman for example. Cases are oddly laid out and HIGHLY PRICED. Therefore, this should be up in the $150-$300 region.

Review/Overview here:

Gonna look for pricing now.

Yeah game without a harddrive or optical drive... Win..

Oh wait.. The optical drive was there

Acer Aspire predator > That case

"The GMC R-4 Bulldozer is a different and appealing case which will certainly appeal to many enthusiasts who are looking for something compact yet eye catching. Even though it is not yet available through major retailers in the EU and US, [b]the RRP is not expected to be more than 70€/95$[/b], placing it in the same league as some of the cheapest cases from reputable manufacturers. The very low cost of the R-4 makes it a very appealing product and perfect for users who are building budget to mid-range gaming systems and home PCs."

Sweet Jesus. Nevermind about the cost thing. Maybe Zalman us just overhyped.

The cooling apparently SUCKS.

It's gonna be something I'm gonna buy. just mod it a little and you got one damn fine case.

not in favor of it

looks like a transformer

Oh shit. GMC is AUZENTECH. That company I was talking about earlier that made the Auzentech X-Fi Prelude.

i saw this awhile ago on engadget i believe, but it had different color schemes. it reminds me of one of those huge garbage trucks.. except if it was in the movie transformers.

Speaking of Transformers, who's looking forward to Revenge of the Fallen? :D?

is that the title of the second movie? and wasn't bernie mac voice acting one of the transformers? sucks he died :(

Yeah. It is. It's apparently coming out this summer! Did he really? Dude, the day Morgan Freeman dies, I'm gonna be so sad.

looks ugly as fuck i like sleek simple things better