Red Hat Acquires CoreOS

I always liked the idea of CoreOS. Hopefully RHEL will do something cool with it (as opposed to just eliminating competition).


This is interesting news. I’m curious to see what Red Hat will do with it. I’m still learning about containers and what they can do. As for this news it is a wait and see what Red Hat will do with it.

They already have an extensive openstack set up so having kubernetes too just gives them fingers in all the pies.

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I think OpenShift is already kubernetes/docker but I’ve never messed with it.

As far as I’m aware they have a tendency not to do this. They took ownership of the centos trademarks for example and started funding centos.

They will likely open source any parts that aren’t open in coreos eventually.

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Yes, that is the great thing about RH. Even things that start out as proprietary can become opened up later (Ansible Tower). And best of all, they still seem to make piles of cash, so win-win.

I’m absolutely not privy to the nuances of the different container platforms, but from what I understand, OpenShift and CoreOS are functionally extremely similar, and both are already open source. I’m not sure how it would make sense for them to maintain both unless they did something (like with CentOS) where one became the upstream of the other…

The vibe I’m getting from the link is that Core will be integrated into existing Red Hat products, which is fine I guess. I’m sure the vast majority of it will remain/become FOSS, and we’ll all get to play with it.