Red/Black PC ($1500 build)

Well, here it is again :D I came back for some more advice! I would like to get some opinions on my build (let me know if something is too expensive, if there is a better piece of hardware to replace one on my list, etc...)

I am set on a Red/Black color scheme :D


Some basic info:

  • I am willing to spend about $1500
  • I live in the USA
  • I would also like to get into overclocking




Question: is there no way you can hook up to a router with Ethernet? it would be a lot faster and it would save you $90 even if you need a 50 foot cord.

Also, if you can substitute for ethernet then I could show you 16Gbs of ddr3 1866 Ram of the same type, with two black sticks and two red sticks. Soo that would be cool, no? 

Here's the set up with a 50-foot ethernet cable and the matching 16Gbs of ram at one dollar cheaper :D

Sadly, our home network is set up terribly! My router is about 75-100 feet away (I would have to string a Ethernet cable through my living room, kitchen, laundry room, and then to the router, which is positioned on top of a cabinet in a small hallway..........

The reason for this madness is that the house only has two Ethernet ports... (one of them is in the kitchen in the middle of the counter right next to a sink... go figure) Sadly, there is no way to get a router near my office :(

Anyway, I will soon be upgrading my wireless service to a higher speed, and I wanted the capability to use the 5 GHz Wi-Fi channel since all of my neighbors use the 2.4 GHz channel (and it often interferes with my already low signal)

Am I over complicating this? This wireless card was the only one I could find that didn't look terrible... Although I have been considering the cost benefits of using a cheaper Wi-Fi card.

What do you recommend? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you have!


Is there a reason you changed the RAM company (just curious :)

Hmmmm, that sounds interesting! Thanks for the RAM info! I need to think about the WiFi/Ethernet thing :D

Let me know what you think about my Ethernet issue (in my post below)

If you must then going with that wireless card is fine. I changed the RAM company because Kingston has RAM of the exact same line available in 4 different colors, and so you could go with 16Gbs of ram, with two sticks red and two black. I run that exact setup in my red/black themed build and I love it. So if you aren't willing to spend the extra $80, maybe this is a viable alternative:

same amount of ram, same speeds, only $13 more expensive, but 25.333 times as stylish :D

Does anyone have any more suggestions about the build? What do ya'll think about my WiFi problem? What are some potential ways to fix it?