Recycling junk into a emulator box for my nieces and nephews

Going to see what I can do with this first gen amd apu

Fixing to look for an appropriate ETA prime video for a software solution

It does not even use the cpu 4 pin

What kinda games will you be emulating?

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Probably not even n64, but maybe n64

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The IO shield is replaceable so if it doesn’t work out I can use a different Mobo and CPU

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PSU says not to exceed 80w so maybe no switching out mobos, like Maybe an i3

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Doesn’t run it playable but way better than I expected, wonder if I pop in a gpu how it would handle

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That’s a tiny guy

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It should hopefully run a bit better then that. Dolphin has had a bunch of speed improvements added to it since then.

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I can throw in a 6450 so the CPU won’t have to share memory bandwidth and power budget with the GPU

Lakka and some “legally” acquired games worked well on an Intel M-5Y10c for me. It also worked with a Fenek controller and Sony DS4 with minimal setup.

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Added what I believe to be a R5 235 and swapped out the nice 500GB drive it had for one of the slower drives I had, they want the hard drive for their new desktop

Listening to this while I work

Now to test if it turns on! Hahahaha

I advise LakkaOS

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Yeah I’m gonna try both lakka and batocera see what’s stable and what’s fast

Probably not even going to try GameCube and Naomi, but maybe specific games that play nice

I’m interested to see how the software side turns out. I tried retroarch and had issues with mapping controllers. It seemed like multiplayer input was troublesome as well.

Looks like a fun project anyway.

Lakka is def stable. I have it running on my pi and like 4 laptops as benchmarks.


Can confirm, I’ve had Lakka on a Pi, the SenPi, and a 2-in-1 laptop, worked great on all of them.

On the 3.3v and 5v rails. The line below that says 220w.

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I don’t know if its still possible but have you considered making a steam machine and use it as a steam link?

Nah, nieces and nephews are like under 12 and it’s going into my aunt and uncle’s place

They don’t have steam accounts And my library doesn’t have a lot

Plus the games free