Recycled router isues

Hello gang,

Today I am having an issue with a laptop and a recycled router. I can not connect to the internet via wifi for I am using a router that the laptop I am using is recognizing by a different name, the name the previous owner used. Is there a way in windows 7 to clear all network connection settings?  I tried reinstalling drivers and that did not help any. 


there should be a reset button on the actual router.

it should look like a small hole with a button inside it. press that and it will reset your router to factor settings. you might have to go to the manufacturer's website to instal some software and/or update the firmware after you have set it up the way you want it.

I have tried resetting  the router and updating the firmware

does the previous owner name still come up after reseting it? that's strange.

Yeah,  that's been I am curious how to reset connection settings. 


To clear previous networks:

1) Open the "Control Panel"

2) Select and open "Network and Sharing Center"

3)Click on the "Icon"(a house icon for me) under "View your active networks". This will open the "Set Network Properties" dialogue. Here you can rename a network connection or change the icon for that network connection.

4)Click on "Merge or Delete Network Locations" to see a list of stored network connections. You can merge or delete connections here as well as see if a network connection is in use and managed or unmanaged.