Recycle bin on the tasbar. Windows 10

How would I put it on the taskbar? Everything I've tried just made it so I have to right click the folder icon on the taskbar and then select recycle bin.

Try this:
To pin the Bin to your Taskbar, you first have to right-click and pin it to the Start Menu. Once you've done that, a right-click on the Start Menu icon will let you stick it onto the Taskbar. After that, you can unpin it from the Start Menu if you don't want it cluttering up your Live Tiles.

Or this one

Right click on Desktop, choose New>Shortcut,
Enter explorer.exe shell:recyclebinfolder and click Next (include the space between exe and shell),
name it what you wish and click Finish,
right click on the new shortcut and choose Properties then Change Icon,
enter imageres.dll where shell32 is and scroll over til you see recycle bin icon, choose then OK then Apply and OK,
Drag that onto your taskbar and delete the shortcut if you wish.


thanks it worked(the second one). Do you know how to make it stick to a certain part of the task bar, like for example the right corner like in this image?

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I use a different method:

1.) Create a folder somewhere named Recycle Bin or Trash (typically my documents)
2.) Place a shortcut to Recycle Bin inside of it
3.) Right click on the taskbar & select Toolbars > New toolbar...
4.) You can select the folder you created, and now it's hanging out on the right hand side of the taskbar