Recovery Drive/Partition

hey guys i was looking up a bunch of ways to do recovery drives/ disks and i basicly mashed all the best ways and ideas together n got this result check it out here is the link

lets you set up a partition like u would find on a laptop to recover ur windows but better i show u how to set it up so u can do the following with just one partition

  • clean install of windows
  • true 1 TO 1 install of windows backup
  • hide the partition so u caint mess shit up
  • only use one program and 1 CD  the programe is easyBCD 2.2 freeware

other then that you just use the built in windows backup and restore, IMO this is the best way to do this

btw u will no longer need the CD after ur done aswell or easybcd but u can keep both if you would like to