Recording with Fraps

I've been trying to record a few games with fraps, and the only one I can actually get decent quality out of it Terraria... In other games like Skyrim and Warframe, the video quality is extremely stuttery and the framerate is around 15. What can I do to increase the framerate? I have an i5 3570k and a MSI Radeon HD 7870, so I don't think there's any problems there. Help? :)

I'm not 100% sure but it might have something to do with the speed of the drive you are recording on. I know other game recorders that rely heavily on the speed of the hard drive which can cause low frame rates regardless of your gpu.

Well it's a 7200rpm 500GB Seagate Barracuda

This happens to me when recording with a portable hdd, but use your main drive if you are not already. i practically have the same build as you but a 3470 and can record both those games at very playable fps.

I am recording on the same drive the game is on, but my other drive is a SSD for my OS

I have another drive though which I can install when I get another SATA cable, but how much difference does that make?

How old is the dive and is that drive only used for recording ? If the game is running from that drive or some background programs it will impact the performance.

Also what are your FRAPS settings ? You could try half resolution option and lower FPS, see what happens then.

depends on the write speed of the drive. you can use dxtory to see what the write speed of your drive is.

Well I have everything but my OS running from that drive. I think I'll just find a SATA cable and put in this other hard drive I have

should be just fine. I record 30fps, so it's really not a problem

Fraps is pretty dated these days. Sure it's the go-to and it works but it's not very optimized. Try out PlayClaw (there is a free version also still...I think) works so much better and you can keep most of your frames. Has better options and etc.

There is some other one that's open source and works better than any of them in some/most games, but I forget the name.

Its allways better to record to a drive your not useing fraps records in real time this make large files fast (useualy around 1gb file size to 60seconds of video-depending on the quality)

Running your game on the same drive will slow the available write speeds.

Try recording to your ssd and see if it helps

This program uses hardware acceleration for real-time encoding, I recommend it.