Recording Issues-OBS,Plays.Tv,Every Recording Software

I am having an issue where I have never been able to record any type of gameplay whether it is a very Low graphics game or intense. I have tried using OBS, OBS-AMD Version,,Xsplit,FRAPS, All of them. My videos always come out either choppy or Pixelated upon moving. What am I doing wrong? I have tried Everything I can think of. My system is an AMD 8350, Radeon 390x, 16Gb Crucial 1333Mhz, Running SSD's, Everything runs fine while recording or just looks so bad. I tried using Plays.TV with CPU core software. I will post a video to what the best I have been able to get it.

Let me know what I can do. Thanks!

No idea.
Would wazch the video but I got some... problem...

Was playing music, It should be removing it now.

I have an odd issue where unless I am streaming or recording at native res in linux I just get a black screen. Its rather odd and no one seems to know why .o. I feel you man.

.While recording open MSI afterburner and check out everything. Core usage, thermals, ram, everything. OBS did not wanted to work for me either. I used to stream with Xsplit, but recording with it was a nightmare, and OBS was recording black screen. No matter the settings or anything...
Try this:
It has 1 month free trail. I am recording 1080/30 with really good quality with my Athlon 760K and 4GB ram before I upgraded to 8GB ram... On a hard drive. Mechanical...

Here is a video without copyright protection!

Okay I will try this out real quick

This worked great!

Came out looking fantastic. Thank you for the help!

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You welcome. The video is not available.

I know...I had to take it down because it was unsupported. But non the works for what I need it to do!