Reconfiguring server

So i have a freenas server that i have had for the last few years.

I have added storage over time and been on a buget. so i did the dumb thing of adding the harddrives in pairs, as a mirror to the pool. but now i have like 6 drives that are mirrored and it feels like its a waste of space to have it like that.

I wold like to move everything of the server and back again.

Do anyone of you have any good ide on how to do? Like make a backup to some cloud thing.

Its 12tb of data. im on a budget so i dont have the money to buy more hard drives.

Thanks for any ideas!

If you are a student and your school uses google accounts you likely have unlimited google drive space on that account.

That’s not realistically doable without buying more disk.

Best Buy has 8TB reds for $170 right now. you just have to buy them as externals. (WD 8TB EasyStore)

From there, crack open the case and get your prize!

If that’s not an option, uploading 12TB over any home connection is going to take months (or years)