Recommended settings in virt manager for passing psychical disk to KVM guest

I know people recommend VirtIO but usually those tutorials are only for virtual HDD’s. I have my Virtual windows pointed to a 1TB hdd and was wondering what settings I should use.

You should use virtio still, it’s not to do with virtual disks, it’s a paravirtualisation technology that lets the guest interact with hardware on the host without too many layers in the middle. If you set it to scsi or something else then it will be emulating that hardware which won’t give you the kind of performance that virtio will give you.

The only thing that will perform better than virtio is to pass the physical disk controller through to the VM.

You can flexibly change between the different models and test which gives you the best performance. So it’s not a one-shot decision that you have to live with once set.

That said, virtio will work best, as the previous poster said.

I’ve had no issues passing a raw logical volume to KVM.

Ive even passed a entire disk (aka /dev/sdb) and had an OS that was installed (with several partitions on sdb) boot without any fuss.