Recommended preferences?

So I just bought Biostar Ta970 any recommonded parts for it?


Do you just have the motherboard or do you have any other parts avalible? Do you want to build a system? How much do you want to spend?

I have the case (nzxt phantom410) I was just wondering if I should buy a fx cpu or AMD Phenom II X4 965 just all.


so far I have not regretted buying the 8350

I can easily recommed it to anyone with an am3 board

Eeh 8-cores isn't really my thing since it wont get me more fps in certain game.

I'd recommend a 6300 then, you can always disable every other core for better performance in non multi threaded apps

It may not get you a boost now, but later games will utilize 8 cores, especially with the ports of most games coming from the newer, eight-core consoles.

Can you still find one? If you can, especially if is dirt cheap (50-60$ or something), why not? You can always upgrade latter to faster CPU.

For other parts, RAM (it doesn't matter if is 1600, 1866+, i use at 1333MHz anyway, no big difference, if there is a real world difference at all), nice GPU (make sure it is AMD one, just because of drivers, long story...).


I thought the same, but, in real world, for some reasons, i did found out that choosing "core per module" (as afinity for example) have adverse effect, and actually hurts performance in games. This happened on two different motherboards, so, i pretty much can confirm this as a fact.

Actually, in most BIOS settings for FX CPUs, you can turn on (I believe the litteral wording is) One core per compute unit. It will basically cut the amount of usable "Cores" but improves the per core performance.

Maybe, it require more serious testing. I remember i had stuttering problems while using two cores on different compute unit (or module), while not having that effect while using two cores per comupte unit (with other disabled). Maybe that isn't the case with new AMD drivers, i tried after i wrote that comment, and didn't saw any difference at all.