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Recommended Older Java IDEs

Wondering what early Java IDE/IDEs you can recommend from 2002 onwards. I have some ancient testing I have to do.

It kind of looks like this: Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans (this is unsorted set :slight_smile: ).

Netbeans is the oldest one. Eclipse and IntelliJ were both initially released 2001.

In my high school days I remember using Eclipse way back in 2008. Thought it was okay I guess, don’t remember too much though. I think I just remember liking it better than NetBeans.

Anything still available for download?

Eclipse is available here back to the Europa (2006) release.

Since it is open source and all you could probably build an older version yourself if you really need to. Since it is a plugin-architecture you maybe can just get away with using some plugins in an ancient version, if required.

link broke

might try blueJ, maybe…

also netbeans keeps some of the older downloads available

edit: here’s bluej

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