Recommended graphics cards for under $100

Anyone have any suggestion for a budget build graphics card? 

thanks everyone!




I honestly wouldn't recommend getting a GPU under $100, because price/performance ratio plummits. You might be able to find a 7750 under $100. If it's a new build, get an APU.

7750, and some 7770's if you count the rebate and their on sale.

Right now i'm upgrading my computer, its old and is running a intel pentium and im looking to upgrade the cpu and the motherboard, since its running DDR2, and DDR2 is so expensive. So i'm trying to keep the gpu pice down as much as possible.

7750 is a good card for that budget, but for cheaper, a 6670 GDDR5 version will suffice at a lower resolution..

Well if you're upgrading your motherboard and cpu anyway, you are probably better off getting an apu like the A10-5800k rather than a $100 graphics card.

It might be best to post what you want to upgrade, your budget, and how you will use your computer, then people can probably give you better advice.

is the on board graphics on the A10 good enough to run most of the games now days?


If you're willing to settle for 720p, though the A10's GPU is capable of 1080p with lowered details. The integrated GPU is about as fast as a 6670, and with some overclocking and fast DDR3 memory (1866 or 2133), could be a little faster.


650ti is a 50 more than 100, but the performance you get is pretty good for 150 (Evga version), just spend some extra money on the GPU, the performance youre going ot get on sub-100 dollar GPU's is not going to be good at all.