Recommended books and documentaries

Like the title says. What are some recommended books and documentaries. I'm personally looking for things that are inspiring and motivating. I'm interested in programming, video games (PC) and ways to make my life effective and simpler, but all recommendations are appreciated. Thank you.

This is a google documentary I watched back in the day,
when Marissa Mayer still worked there.

Hey thefish322 thanks for the recommendation. I just watched all five parts. Very interesting. I really liked in part five at around 6:36 when V.P. Vint Cerf takes a jab at the interview. :) Thanks again!

Yea, at the time of the documentary it was a pretty radical idea to show Google as an entity that could be corrupted, and really analyzed just how powerful it could become (and how that power could be mishandled). Google around 2007-2009 allowed it to be hosted at the (now defunct) Google video (replaced now with youtube). I remember trying to watch it and getting a "that video is no longer available".
The attitudes of Google at the time seemed (my complete assumption) to be that overall people might be warned about the potential danger of Google, but overall Google's mantra of "do no evil" would prevail as what people remember, and as long as people keep an image as Google as a "fun" company, that would never change. Really no one predicted that Google would want to break into new markets. Now when we hear of Google investing in something new, we are not as surprised, as we were initially. Also Snowden revealed what this documentary warned about to be true. AND its not Google's fault, the government simply "benefits" too much from the data. It's a honey pot, or at least it was until the new gov data centers emerged.

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this one's a classic too, make sure you turn on English subs [or whatever your preferred language is ( : ]

Awesome! Thanks guys, I look forward to watching these other two documentaries.

Well these documentories don't really have anything to do with the stuff that you're interested in, But I really enjoyed then and reccomend them to anyone.

The Fog of War
Jodorwrosky's Dune
Hearts of Darkness - A filmmaker's apocalypse.

It's not a big deal, I'm open to any suggestions. I read all the descriptions and plan to watch them all but, Marwencol and Jodorwrosky's Dune really stood out to me, going to put those guys at the top of my "to watch list". Thanks