Recommended blog creation sites

Long time lurker new poster, I can't for the life of me manage to find any kind of search button for the fourms/feed and while I'm sure this would have been asked before I'm after a fairly simple site to setup a blog, I found one other post that said Octopress but that does seem a bit more complex for what I'm after.

I basically have a game design related project and for the assessment we need to create a blog site and post a couple updates each week on our progress, so just after something to post updates upload the odd photos or occasional video all while tied to a link.

Oh and is there any that provide somewhat basic customization? gotta get that Zaz yakno'.

Best bet is to make your own simple site. Ownership is amazing :)

Hm is this difficult? I have some very basic C# knowledge with visual studio?

Is there free alternatives? as i thought you first have to pay for a domain name then pay for the hosting costs.

Cheers for the quick reply.



I used wordpress for a brief period of time, I quite liked it, easy to use and i can be an absolute spastic with stuff like that sometimes


Yeah wordpress was the first one mentioned when i googled around, But now I'm tempted to create my own site after brennanriddell mentioned it lol.

It seems to be setup more for a single post with some edits where as id need to create individual posts and update and addon to the blog as the project progresses.

I used to use N2 for my old site (before I killed it with too much mucking around with the source)

Out of the box its pretty good and the best part is you can rummage around in the uncompiled source to see how its all done.

Its list of plugin datasources is pretty cool.

I will probably go wordpress for my next site though, not that I was unhappy with n2... its just that I want to muck around with php / mysql