Recommendations on FOSS Password Managers. Cross platform!

I’ve been using Safeincloud password manager for my Windows partition but I want to start using on that works on Linux. I’ve tried running with Wine but functionality isn’t great and I’d prefer an open source solution. Any suggestions? I was looking into a few like Butter but its still in beta. What would you suggest I look for in a password manager? Types of encryption, etc.

Thank you in advance!

If you need FOSS, Bitwarden is the option most competitive with Lastpass and 1Password. I use Lastpass myself but plan to switch to Bitwarden once their security audit is complete.

The most common suggestion is Keepass, but I don’t find its usability, browser addons, etc, comparable to Lastpass/1Password. YMMV there.


Edit- hadn’t looked at bitwarden before, but looks like I’m going to switch- looks like a decent company, nice ethos, great portability, and sustainable business model.
Will be keeping an eager eye out for that audit …

Original post:

I love keepass, and use it on all my systems, and phones; but yeah, browser plugins for it are horrendous…

KeePassXC has nicer features and works better in linux than the other KeePass implementations (KeePass2, KeePassX). It also has a browser plugin although I’ve never used it. AutoType works well for me.

Yeah, Bitwarden says all the right things and does have a bug bounty program at Hackerone, but I won’t use a password management solution that hasn’t undergone a formal security audit. It’s just too important, my entire life is in Lastpass.

Saying that, one can only protect themselves so much… Equifax shows how no matter how careful you are, you could still be boned by bad actors :frowning:

Another one for Bitwarden here. I’ve found it to be pretty good, and the dev is pretty responsive.

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