Recommendations on a good microphone that is under $100

I need a headset microphone or a usb standing microphone. If its a headset mic I want it to have a good sounding mic and one that won't pick up breathing on the other side of the world =). If its a standing mic I want it to be able to get good sound without having to be right on the mic. I would like to only spend less than $100 but I can go higher if I am convined enough to. and if a headset is 100 or more I want it to be GOOD. Thank you

You would need a stand, some xlr cables, and a phantom PSU for about 30-50 more total but its a great mic, roosterteeth use it in all of their videos.

Yeti snow ball, $99 comes with stand, pop shield and sep headset

not the same audio quality as the AT2020 but far from bad. You'd end up upgrading from the yeti probably in a year or so but the 2020 you'd probably keep for longer as it looks/feels more profesional once you get it going, just preference i guess and how high quality you want.