Recommendations of true HBA Controllers for ZFS on HP Gen8 servers

Hey everyone,

I have a couple servers, an HP DL380p Gen8 and HP DL360p Gen8.

On the DL380p I’m running TrueNAS Core with a HP P822 controller running in HBA mode, which has been running great. Although people seem to not like this controller as it apparently doesn’t run in as a true HBA, would love to know of ways to validate this.

Anyway, on the other side I have the DL360p which I use for compute mostly and it has been headache, mostly because of the P420i controller.
If it’s in HBA mode, I can’t boot from the drives connected to it.
If I use it normal raid mode, the performance is horrible. (Using mostly SSDs for now)

So, I’m looking for an HBA controller that would meet the following:

  • Have IT firmware so they run as a pure HBA.
  • Support booting from the drives connected to it on these Proliant Gen8 servers.
  • Has decent performance with SSDs.

From my research, I’ve found mentions to LSI SAS3008 based models, such as IBM/Lenovo M1215 - Has 12Gbs ports and seems to have good performance with SSDs. I can’t find it for less then around 120€. (Europe Union only)

Do you have other recommendations?
( I want Sata 3 compatibility, to be able to use consumer SSDs)