Recommendations of Games outside the box

I am really tired of the current mainstream game genres. I have become extremely proficient at reading the plots on most games, and all the game genres have converged to be essentially the same game.

I am also tired of game achievements, I don't really see a point in collecting achievement because the real purpose of them is to try making people grind for them to increase the amount of hours played on that game. Its kind of a chore to get achivements, so I dont even bother with them.

FPS: Farcrys, borderlands, Crysises, metros. Its essentially the same game in the sense that the only game mechanism is shoot the baddies and save the day. I am really tired of playing games where the objective is shooting people.

rpg's/sandbox games: Skyrim, Fallout, G-mod, Just cause, Witcher 1/2, Saints Tow, Gta. These are really good, but they take too much time. They also just seem to be the same D&D derived mechanics. Go explore the world, get stats, hoarding simulator, collect everything.

Minecraft, terraria, starbound are also games that are starting too converge too much.

RTS: Any Wow, Starcraft, moba, civilization, league, torchlight, Diablo kind of game I am really sick off. More than 30000 hours of my life have been sunk into games like this. Civ II i think was the best btw.

platformers. No, just no. The last platformer I really liked was Trine and Trine 2, and not because they were platformers but because of the gorgeous story and graphics. It was also entertaining playing it with my family and friends.

Puzzle platformers.... They mostly seem to try to be copying portal. The main problem I have with them is alot of the puzzles are actually really tedious and really intuitive. Its kinda a chore to beat them. There might be some kind of notion that beating puzzle games proves your some kind of master genius or something, and that somehow drives people to strive to complete these exhausting dumb over designed puzzles.

I am more looking for an outside the box kind of game the basic requirements are:

  • non-grindy
  • Fun
  • Thorough. Not some half-baked game rushed to greenlight. I will also not play a game that is only graphics, or has a really good story but is really irritating to play due to a poor game engine or something.

The games that really have hooked me that were not like other games were portal, portal 2, space pirates and zombies. I had to stop playing that game because I found that I played it for 56 hours straight on my first time running the game.