Recommendations for linux workstation

I am planning on leaving windows since I mostly just do programming since I got into college, and I fell in love with linux; Howver, I still like to game occasionally, so I was planning on doing passthrough virtualization. My current system is:
r9 380
m5a99x evo r2
16GB 1600MHz memory
some 7200rpm 1TB drive.

Keeping mostly compiling performance, and the fact that I’ll do virtualization in mind, I am considering a few options:

  1. Keep my current computer, get an ssd.
  2. Sell current computer (exept maybe the GPU/ram), for an old xeon system, just get another HDD.
  3. Any ideas you guys might have that are better, I know next to nothing about hardware.

do you have a budget?

sell cpu+mobo+ram
keep everything else

on a tight budget? - r5 1600 and oc it. (6 cores 12 threads) ~$200
not on a budget go r7 1700 and oc it. (8 cores 16 threads) ~$300

budget: asus b350-f strix: ~$100
non budget: asus x370-f strix: $200

16gb crucial ballistix sport LT ddr4 2666 $130

and if you have the cash, get an nvme ssd:
samsung 960 evo 250gb: $125
western digital black 256gb: $110

even if you go with the 1600 it’ll be faster than your current 8320 by heaps

also - if you have an aftermarket cooler for your 8320 you can more than likely use it with ryzen but you will need to check if there is an aftermarket bracket made for that cooler. they usually cost around 10 bucks shipped depending on the cooler, some motherboards also have am3 cooler compatibility

That actually sounds pretty good, thank you.
I have a 212+ but I don’t think that’s even worth getting a bracket for (or is it?).
Would you happen to know anything about the compiling performance on ryzen? I see them being amazing at most things but no one seems to do compiling benchmarks.
Also, is it worth it to get an used cpu? I see them going for about $50 off new on ebay.

I got both of mine off ebay for $290 and $180 shipped (i have both the 1700x and 1600), they work fine, and compile times are incredible once you set your makeflags and configure ccache. the 1700 is better than the 1700x imo because of lower tdp and better overclocking, i just happened to find it at the same price as the 1700. same case with 1600 and 1600x. My 1600 oc’d @3.8 on air, although I’ve since thrown a closed loop cooler on it. hyper 212 is still a great cooler. One of my favorite things about my 1700x is compiling. the thing literally plows through compiling like a hot knife through butter.

I can compile wine with tools in about 1-2 minutes, kernel anywhere between 3-5 i’d guestimate

the AM4 bracket is pretty shitty, imo. but the cooler itself is fine if you’re talking about r3/r5, or staying at stock speeds with an r7.

dunno; i’d be really wary about that. $50 is worth it, in my view, just for the warranty (I RMA’d mine twice).

and yes, mutli-threaded stuff like compiling is amazing.

What other cooler would your recommend I get if I have budget left over?
Also I just thought about this, but I have to get another graphics card if I plan to do passthrough, right?

something with a bigger TDP. beyond that, it’s preference. I like big air coolers personally.

I have a cryorig C1 on my 1700, but that’s really only because i picked it up cheap. I would love an R1 or similar be quiet/noctua/etc. sort of cooler, but i don’t actually need it, and am also not quite willing to drop the money on it.

second gpu: yes
if your host doesn’t need much gpu power, then grab something nice and simple for it, and put the money in your gaming gpu.

coolermaster has a 120mm closed loop for $50 if you want something cheap that gets the job done