Recommendations for Linux VM with Video passthru

Hello everyone. I’m looking to build a new system with a Ryzen 7 and I want to be able to give a virtual machine a video card so that I can game on windows. My needs are modest as I only play World of Warcraft in windows and I don’t need or want anything for looks such as LED controllers or certain colors of components. I just want something that works well. From what I have seen on Youtube vids from Wendell, I know that I will need a 470 chip-set and the most promising one seems to be the Asrock Taichi. This board is around 200 bucks and if a less expensive one will do the job I would rather use the savings for memory and such. Also, I don’t know if the less expensive ones will break out the IOMMU groups to meet the requirements.

Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated by this old man. :o)

If you don’t need a lot, also take a look at the X370 boards.
They are typically cheaper, but offer the same if not more functionality at the same price point. X470 doesn’t really have an edge compared to X370, except for StoreMI which wouldn’t be available on Linux anyway (but which you still pay for).
Since you mentioned the Taichi, there is also the X370 Taichi, which uses the same power delivery as the X470 Taichi and has everything most people need.

hardware recommendations here:

maybe look at last gen intel HEDT/server then. only platform that works perfectly without patching or config arrangements

ryzen will still work but expect to have to dig into some workarounds

Thank you for this information. It looks like a great source for more research.

My main concern in going with the X370 was that the manufacturer may not have implemented some benefit that may have found its way into the X470. I tend to prefer to buy second generation ‘refined’ goods vs first generation ‘hits & misses.’

But with this to think about and the site site recommended by tkoham as real world examples, I will definitely look into this previously discarded choice.

But that’s what I’m saying. X470 has no benefits over X370 except StoreMI which you wouldn’t be able to use.

Obviously it’s your choice though.

I see what you’re saying and I agree with you on this point. I also see I didn’t explain myself very well.
What I meant to say is this: I don’t necessarily feel like the manufacturer’s would implement improvements from lessons learned on gen 1 ryzen as fast as they would implement them on their newer products. And the X470 is a newer, gen 2 product.
I spent a lot of time in the manufacturing business and those guys are more reluctant to go back and ‘fix’ things than they are to implement them into a new product. Since the X470 hasn’t been out that long I am concerned that I might be purchasing old new stock, ie old stock that hasn’t sold and therefore hasn’t been updated in a while.
One example is the BIOS update problem with old boards and the newer ryzen processors where you have to have an old processor to update.
That being said, I will DEFIANTLY look into the X370 mobos because by the time I have the money to upgrade it may be December of this year and my concern will be a LOT less of an issue.

Well OK, that is certainly true (and somewhat understandable), it remains to be seen how much “new” stuff really will be coming out I guess.

Well you’re always going to have that regardless how old or new a platform is, sometimes you just get “unlucky” and get a day-1 product years later. That being said, it’s not like they can’t be updated, specially the UEFI. And with X470 they have to be updated for Ryzen 2000 at least, at launch. So that’s not really a concern. It might still have an old UEFI but it should be easy enough to flash that.

That can certainly be an issue with X370, yes, and one should think of that. In the US AMD sends out those dummy CPUs that can do the job if you don’t have a board with BIOS Flashbash. Though I think all the high end boards have that.

At that point Ryzen 3000 is only a few months away again :stuck_out_tongue: But that’s always an issue, either you buy at launch or you have the next upgrade in a few months lol.

Thank you everyone for your input! I appreciate it and you have given me more to think about. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I have more time now to research and learn as this past month has seen my automotive conveyance consuming an inordinate amount of my income, thus setting my time line back.

This is a good group of folks and again, thank you.