Recommendations for a psu?

I need recomendations for a good psu

I am replacing a coolmax power supply that has been working for at least 2 years at this point. I am planning on upgrading my gpu from a gtx 560 to something more recent. From what I heard coolmax power supplies are not particularly reliable.So I don't want to drop $300 on a card and have the psu destroy it. Even though I haven't really had a problem with the psu so far other than it can't handle a 7v fan controller, it is loud as fuck, and has short cables which make cable routing behind the motherboard impossible without extensions.

My build


gtx 560 - upgrading soon ,most likely 900 series card

1ssd and 1 hdd

I am looking for a modular or semi modular psu. Long cables to allow me to run the cables behind the motherboard in my define r4 case without extensions. reliable/quiet. Sub $120. Amazon or Newegg link would be appreciated. Any suggestions? 


Corsair RM750

Haswell ready? 

Here is a list of high quality PSUs that fit your needs from your preferred vendors ...,650&m=11,71,39&sort=a9&p=1,2&e=5,4

you can research each and see how long the cables are that are included. I recommend these three PSU manufacturers Seasonic or Corsair or XFX. They have the best reviews for build quality and reliability. You want to keep to an 80+ bronze certification or better. And keep your systems estimated power usage to less than 80% available PSU wattage. More than enough is always better than not enough. I would recommend a gold certified efficiency rating especially if you plan on OC'ing.  But that is just my personal opinion.

The GTX 970 should be more power efficient than your current GPU and use about the same amount of power.


This would a great choice if you're looking to run one Maxwell card, however if you wanted to SLI then you may want something bigger.