Recommendations for a mic

I am looking for a microphone that is good for youtube gameplay videos and some other things like skype calls and other  chat services and i dont want to spend to much so i guess my price would be around 150 dollars 

If it is a headset with a mic, might I suggest one of the G series to Logitech, maybe G430 (80 USD), G35 (129 usd) G390 (160 usd). The G390 is the G35, only wireless. I've used the G35, it was good, I had never any issues, with it. The sound is superb. 

When it comes to a ordinary mic, I don't really know about any in your price range, but the rode podcaster (229 usd) is pretty sweet.

It my be cheap but it is the best mic I have ever used.  You want to get a dynamic mic not a condenser.  Condenser mics are for use in studios and pick up a lot of background noise.  Get that mic it has a desk top stand and get a pop filter and you will be good after adjusting the recording volume to 50% in windows.  Check my profile pic to see what it looks like.

Look at the Blue mics.

The snowball is a good mic at a really good price ($70 on amazon). The Yeti is a step up but to get the best out of it requires and XLR audio setup.

This is done using the Blue Snowball

i have been thinking about getting the yeti but i don't know how good of a mic it is..... I sure it is better than my Eazer Krackens mic 

but i also have been looking at this one

i have heard it is a good mic ReviewTechUSA uses it and it doesnt sound bad, he does voice overlays so i dont see why it wouldn't be a bad mic for what im doing

Would you consider headphones in this case speakers in a headphones shell with a decent mich?

I'm currently using the GioTeck EX-05 wired and if you don't want the surround effect when listening to Youtube video's etc as this is mainly a gaming headphone set.

You can either make or buy an adapter to convert the left and right audio channel cables *red and white* to a head phone/aux jack. Then you just change the input/output switch too XBOX and make sure the USB cable is still in to power the headphones.

I did this and it helps immensely when listening to Youtube videos.;)



Whatever you do, do NOT buy Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage. They hurt after 10 min or so.