Recommendations for a good headphones around 100usd?

I am looking for a solid pair of head phones at around 100usd, they don't need to have a mic attached and I will prominently be using them for listening to music. I like to listen to a combination of metal, EDM, and dubstep. They will only be used for audio consumption not production just to be clear

I use the HyperX Cloud 2. Also Logan did a lot of videos on headphones in various price ranges.

RBH is coming out with a set for (supposedly) $200 with a beryllium coated driver. These should be coming out sometime in December:

Initial listeners say that they headphones blow most out of the water. Of course I am waiting for the other shoe to drop and wait for reviews, but I think 2 months would be worth holding off and seeing how this set is reviewed.

Audioholics will be doing a review with technical analysis. Here is the video where the cover the CEDIA trade show, and talk about the headphones in the first few minutes:

Above mark Audio-Technica ATH-M50
Below mark Takstar Pro 80 (same as Cloud but less money - no mic or crappy usb audio)

Options here

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For now I would recomend m50/m50x. Great headphones, nothing fancy other than the great sound. You could probably find a deal on slickdeals to get a lower price. I got my pair when it used to cost $160 originally and got a $40 off on slickdeals.

California Headphone Company Silverados. All metal even the drivers. Maybe not super audiophile but very good and strong.

I can vouch for the ATH-M50's... best headphones I've ever had.

They are studio monitor headphones though, so they have a pretty neutral sound.

The M50's are not neutral sounding. However for that style of music they would work well.

Thanks for the correction... they do sound amazing though.

thanks for all the help guys and girls, appreciate the feed back.

I got the Audio Technica ATH T400, which are like the M series but less cost due to less marketing attached. Love em