Recommendation(s) for VDSL2 modem (AussieBB specifically)

So, looking for a decent modem that can do pass-through to my little Palo Alto PA-200 for my home network.

i.e., i just want it to do the MODEM part, not routing. the ISP uses DHCP for configuration only, no PPPoE/PPPoA, just want that passed through to the WAN interface on my Palo.

Basically if i can get a short-list, i’ll either evaluate vs. the NBN compatibility list and or take a punt if i can find one :slight_smile:


something like this. I’ve used the vigor 130 before but i think it died.

Most VDSL2 modems with included routers have a bridge mode. You should be fine, just check that the modem you buy supports bridging.

Not to direct you away from this forum, but the Whirlpool forums are probably the best place for your questions given it’s fairly Australian problem. Specifically the AussieBB forum and Modems/Routers forums should be able to help.

Something like a cheap DM200 should work. If you’re on FTTN, I’d also look at the cost of transferring to FTTP via NBN Co. If you have the money that is :cry:

Do you need the 160? If you don’t need any of the new VDSL2 features now or in the future if the 130 worked I’d just use that.

I’d maybe contact them about it dying though, those things usually just chug along for years.

Yeah, i’ve had a look at whirlpool a few times, interested to see what others have to say though. Aware that pass-through is the major feature i want but also keen on advanced VDSL 2 standards like vectoring, etc.

So cheers for the suggestion, but already looked there for a while :wink:

Pretty sure the 130 is missing some features that NBNCo have enabled on their VDSL2 connections. Not much and i know that model does work, but I also know the current shitbox Dlink “emergency router” (Dlink Taipan) i bought syncs faster than the Vigor 130 ever did. But i want to play with my new palo - and the taipan doesn’t do passthrough and oh god the UI and restarting EVERY FUCKING CHANGE. I haven’t used consumer grade gear for ages and i remember why now.

(emergency router as in - before the GF mutinied while i was looking for a decent replacement over lack of netflix :D)

It may/will likely end up in front of a pfsense box again at some stage, but palo homelab is what i want at the moment.

Also to clarify - chasing any suggestions, not necessarily aussiebb specific… i’ll sort out/validate ISP compatibility myself. More chasing good price vs features, etc. But if whoever KNOWS it works with aussieBB specifically, that’s a bonus :slight_smile:

In that case the 160 is the only ‘modem only’ device that I know of that has all the relevant VDSL2 features that I’d also actually trust.

I couldn’t tell you about Australian specific problems though like dhcp. I pretty much recommend the 130/160 to everyone in the U.K. though. One because they have U.K. profiles built in and two because there isn’t anything else as good.

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Bahaha… i’m not sure i want to pay $600 (for the site survey) to be told it will cost me a couple of hundred grand…

I’m syncing in the 80s or so and about 300-350m from the node. Apparently once they turn off some sort of phone support it will get better.

So upgrade to FTTP for me would be nice, but i’m on pretty new copper and price vs. payoff not there at the moment as 100MB is all that is on offer anyway.

There’s a nice list here:

I’d personally look at the Cisco 860VAE

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Hmm… i did have a cisco 887 but didn’t know they could run in bridge mode. Got rid of it though…

IIRC though the modem firmware was even less feature-ful than the vigor 130.

just bid on an 867vae on ebay. 60 bucks. will see if i win it :smiley: