Recommendation on mechanical keyboard

The mechanical keyboard is the last missing piece of my new setup. First, I was thinking to grab the K type from Input Club when it would have come out because it's like the perfect keyboard for me. But now as I know they try to target a price point of around 200$ US (and I'm in CAD), it's pretty much too expensive for me.

So I'm looking for other choices that might substitute this first choice. Do you have recommendation of cheaper keyboard that would fit many or all of my criterias?
-case preferably in aluminium (or in aluminium color) (can be black also)
-RGB leds (or no leds if you have a really good suggestion)
-TKL size ( and ISO layout would be a plus, but I'm already used to use an ANSI layout so no big need for that)
-Cherry Mx Brown (or equivalent)
-no bling bling or gamery look or any ridiculous look
-removable cable a big plus

Already considered the Strafe RGB but it's not TKL and still have a high price point (is 189 CAD here).

you might give ducky a look

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Its not as nice, but its as close you will get to the K type without blowing a month of rent on a keyboard. Lol.

You're kind of out of luck at the moment in Canada for mechanical keyboards under $150.

Cooler Master QuickFire Rapid is the closest thing to what you have asked for, it comes in various Cherry MX keys at about $160. My advice would actually be to hit Kijiji and see if you can find a used one Locally. Even buying a decent used one if you throw in shipping it can hit over $150.

Thermaltake has some decent keyboards believe it or not, though they will be missing certain features. They still use Cherry MX Keys for most of them but not all. The Poseidon Z RGB Gaming Keyboard can come with Browns knock off's, though I have never looked into who makes their switches, and has full RGB and they are only $149.99 new. It's not TKL though but for your budget you might have to make some concessions or save a bit more money.

I like Zowie for their no nonsense approach. No bling, all work with a solid reputation for build quality without breaking the bank.

Finally I grab the Cooler Master QuickFire Rapid with Browns on Amazon for 100 bucks and bought at the same time an ethernet switch so I don't rely anymore on my small wifi usb dongle.

I have a Poseidon z with solid blue backlight and blue switches. I personally love it. But it does have some minor issues . I cannot use it for accessing bios or changing boot options. For some reason I have to use a secondary keyboard that does not use mechanical switches.

Its not because of that,its because its connected via USB.Get USB to PS/2 adapter and you will be fine.