Recommendation on HDD cage?

Sata hot-swap cage for 4u chassis, 3x5.25 bays per cage, total of 3 cages can fit. Preferred with trays, ssd's will be in them as well as low-rpm 3.5" drives.

Quietness is key.

It's going in my closet in the office.

This is the case. Rosewill lsv-r4500. Bought for $5 from my school when they went through and increased the density of their server racks. The hdd cages and fans were taken out, so it's only the 5.25 trays and the mid plane where the fans were.

if you want to mount drives you can pick up some Rosewill RSV cages that hold 4 drives internally. If you want a hot swap option Rosewill has a 3X5.25" to 4x3.5" Hot swap bay so you can swap them externally. The hot swap option is one of the cheapest you can buy but they work well. They are not the best high server grade quality. 

I am aware on what is on the market; I was more looking for people that have personal experience with these cages, but thank you for your input, it's appreciated.

I have been using the Hot swap bays for approx. 1 year with plenty of swapping hard drives. like stated previous, the quality is not top notch so you should be careful. I got the hot swap bay for cheap from newegg for $25 so I couldnt pass it up and dont regret it. If i really wanted to step it up I would get an istar hot swap bay but for the price difference Im not so sure I want to step it up. Also I like that the rear fan is 120mm. I swapped it for a quiet fan and its perfect. Most istar hot swap bays use a 80mm fan

Thanks for that.

I've read reviews of some iStar cages, and people "claim" that they are relatively quiet, and they do look pretty kick-ass, but I think I will go with the rosewill. I just need something that is quiet and that works.