Recommendation for quality DP cable

So I’ve learned from Wendell that not all cables are equal.
So here goes my question.
I have a pre-order in for the two port dual monitor DP 1.4 KVM, and are looking to acquire a cable set to go with it.
I need:

  • one set of 15 feet long cables, from the KVM to a workstation behind me.
  • one set of 5 feet long cables, to a work laptop on my desk.
  • two cables of 7 feet to connect the monitors.

For now, I’m not pushing high resolution or frame rate. My monitors are AOC 24G2, I’m getting the 1.4 version KVM for future proofing. Hence, I’d like to get proper cables for it as well.
I’ve seen the 6 foot cable set in the store, and can use that for the laptop connections, (I do see it’s listed as a DP1.2 cable set).

Do anyone have recommendations for good quality cables, especially for the longer cables back to my workstation computer?

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I can’t help you with any specific recommendations but see if you can find someone who does third party testing of the cables. I know there are a couple of organisations who do this for HDMI cables. They should have a list of the different cables and lengths that they tested, then you can look for the cables that give you the full bandwidth at the length you need.

But brands like kordz or blue jeans you can trust to deliver what they say the cable will do.

awesome, I’ll look for those brands and see what I can find

When searching, looked for the VESA certified cables and what I gotten so far has been fine for me. You can find cheaper cables that aren’t certified and I would stay away from them.

I have an iVanky and it works well.

Club3D is my general recommendation


My go too as well

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