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Recommendation for monitor

Looking for the following in a monitor:

  • Must have:
    two-way split screen functionality native to the monitor

  • would like to have:
    32:9 aspect ratio
    2x DP and >1 hdmi
    > 100hz

Anyone heard of such a thing?

It’s usually a 4k panel sliced horizontally :confused: that costs the same or more than a normal 4k monitor.

Need to make custom casing for the panel form factor compered to normal size / common design.

The acer doesnt mention pbp, but I am looking into the samsung… thanks!

and sadly that samsung only supports pbp when using windows (and needs software on the pc to work)

Yeah there is a dell one but thats 60hz

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I would avoid the hell out of those displays for the ghosting.

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You used one?

I’ve used many high refresh VA panels including the ROG Strix ones and they were among the worst for ghosting.

Run it at lower then 144? he only wants > 75 prob fine at 120

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I doubt it makes a difference, it’s that bad.

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My PX329 are VA never had any issues

That’s not an ROG strix

Running at lower refresh like120 would probably fix the ghosting I would guess. Or might not be an issue on later va panels

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The VIOTEK seems like a good options… and comes with a remote… will read more of the reviews. Thanks!

I had one from them. GN32Q, Not a bad display but it started to fail after a couple years. Its still working but has issues when turning on while cold. I’m guessing caps on the display driver board are failing because of how its fine after it warms up.

Build quality seems hit or miss with them.

I would talk to flazza about his btw. He spent a pretty penny but seems to have it all. I would say this is a buy once cry once situation.

I have a 34" wide now… so if the pbp i want is that costly then… i might as well start looking into getting the L1T kvm

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