Recommendation for Camera

My friend and I are looking for a good quality camera to use for on the go recordings, and video projects for our system analysis courses.  Wondering if there was something out there that is reliable, but wont rape our wallets. Any suggstions? Maybe in the catagorys of 1. Cheap 2. Mid Tier 3. High Tier 4. God Tier 

Also we would like to do inverviews with local gamers while also doing videos to teach basic to intermediate computer uses ex. Disk clean up, Defrag, and anti virus (Some people in our area would like to learn about stuff like that.) and also be open for suggestions on future videos to make that the community could submit. 


Edit: If possible please post info on what makes a Camera good/bad. I'd like to make a some what educated choice. Also I don't plan on takeing cinematic shots. Really just something good for interviews and reviews.

Edit 2: Is this something along the lines of taking good quality video?

Budget? I will link DSLRs for lower prices but higher prices ill go with Amazing Cameras i just need your budget.

I wouldn't go for a DSLR unless you're used to using one. The future is definitely with mirrorless.

The ultimate for cinematic style filming is a full frame camera with very fast lenses, but that can get pretty expensive. If you have money to burn, check out the Canon EOS Cinema or "C" series, those are serious tools.

As much as I love Nikon for photography, I can't recommend Nikon DSLRs for video, because they have one big flaw: you can't change the aperture while filming, and that's a fatal dealbreaker. I'm not a videographer, I don't even like recording video because I feel I'm missing stuff while filming, but if I record video, I use a 1080p enabled advanced compact camera. It has a small sensor, so no cinematic narrow depth-of-field, but the videos are really clean looking, and I would submit that if you don't have the money for a 35 mm "full frame" sensor (it was actually the smallest traditional film negative size, in German it's called "Kleinbild") camera for video, that you are better off spending less on a nice 1080p compact, and saving up for a full frame, because the added production value you'll get from a "crop sensor" camera is far less in comparison with a decent modern compact than the drop in production value between a crop sensor and a full frame, because crop sensor cameras don't really do the "cinematic" effect that nicely. They are great for photography, and with the modern lenses there is less added production value going from a crop sensor to a full frame, but for video, the difference is huge: with a full frame sensor camera and a nice fast prime, you'll get a cinematic narrow depth of field at a comfortable aperture setting, whereas with a crop sensor, you'll have to force the lens out of it's comfort zone, and image quality will suffer.

Well I was hoping for different tiers of cameras. I really would not like to spend 1000 on a camera if that helps. I may edit my original post to add that if you have the time could you post info or a link that tells what makes a camera good/bad? l

Thank you for the reply but I don't plan on taking cinematic shots. I would like something good for interviews and reviews (close ups for items for the reviews)

Definitely check out the canon takes amazing video.

also the lumix gh1 or gh3..

try to look for something with an external mic input. a very important feature to look for in DSLRs

I have the 650D but i dont like it As much as the Sony. The sonys can work with Alot of lenses. They also shoot amazing vids. 

I love the sony as well...but he's trying to keep it under 1000

That sony is like 700 though.