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Recommendation for a new (used) camera

Hi y’all :slight_smile:

I’d like a camera for taking better photos than my phone can, for some of my planned projects. I don’t want to spend a fortune though.
So, on the used market, here in dk, I’ve seen a couple of cameras within my price bracket. But I know nothing about them.
I don’t want to go on ebay, the ones listed here are within 30 minutes driving distance :oncoming_automobile:
So if I could get a pointer to which would be most bang for the buck, I’d really appreciate it :slight_smile:

These are the ones I’m looking at:
Sony Alpha 200 + Sigma 28-105 UC 1:4-5.6
Sony A230 - this has 3 different objectives included.
Canon Eos 1100D - comes with the 1 original objective.
Nikon D3000 VR - comes with 1 objective 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6

The sony A230 seems to me like the better option, since it has 3 different objectives. They haven’t listed model numbers, but one seems to be a 18-55 mm, and a bigger one with more zoom, and a wide angle one.

They all cost the same, about 100 usd.

Any input will be appreciated :slight_smile:

Ya I’d go with the A230 since it comes with three lenses.


These are mostly just about specs, and specs aren’t always the most important thing, but they’re a good quick reference.


I would consider the Canon or Nikon options, if you end up buying more lenses for them you can still use those on new models while Sony has moved more towards mirrorless and the lenses won’t be as compatible.

The Sonys are using the old Minolta mount, so that is basically a dead end already. The small Nikon won’t be able to use the older AF-D lenses because it doesn’t have a motor built in.

I would recommend a mirrorless APS-C camera like the Fuji X-E1 and a 24mm adapted lens. Later on you can get a 50mm of some sort and with that you’ll be able to shoot almost anything that isn’t sport.

A valid point :slight_smile:

I think I’ll end up getting a new camera instead of a used one, since entry level canons aren’t as expensive as I thought.

It’ll have to wait for the new year, since a couple of Lian LI cases popped up for sale, and I HAD to get those.

But thanks for the inputs everyone :slight_smile:

Edit: Older Lian Li cases out of production for 3-4 years, not their current lineup.

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