Recommend Wireless Products UK

Hey, folks.

I have a few devices that need wireless capability, and I live in the UK.

My step father has some current generation consoles, and he has pre-ordered the Playstation 4. These consoles will be contained in another building 20-30 feet away from our router. I need a device that will grant these devices a good level of signal, allowing him to game in the outhouse we have converted.

Finally, I need a wireless network card for my own system. Can you guys please suggest some stuff? I know little about protocols, what kind of strength do I require (e.g 300mbps +), dual antennae?

What kind of connection do you have right now? Getting a router that supports a higher bandwidth than you have is pointless.

16mb broadband connection. Stock router, but it happens to be fairly good.

I wasn't looking for a new router, I'm just unsure of the consoles onboard wireless capabiltiy. If it will be sufficient given the distance from the house? Or what devices might be used to amplify the strength? What about repeaters?

To be honest, I don't even know how to configure much of this. What would be the recommended broadcast mode et cetera?

And for myself, I was considering the ASUS PCE-N53

With your signal problem you might want to look into a signal extender.

So that would be the repeater. I understand it extends and amplifies the signal. However, what I really need is someone to recommend such devices, a specific model.

You should use Ethernet, not wireless. As for the consoles, they should all have wireless capabilities. Going through the walls of the house, though, that might make the connection pretty weak. I'd try to use it as-is, first.

I would recommend but im useless when it comes to networking. :(

Of course, we will test the conenction first. Wired is out of the question, I do currently use wired, but there are multiple devices away from the router. The router which is situated beside my computer is getting moved, and we have other computers in the house.

I guess I just want to know if there is a solution to this given problem. I want to know if the ASUS network card I have chosen is sufficient, or could I use the cheaper PCE-N15? And could someone recommend a repeater? I'm doubtful that the signal and location are sufficient for the devices away from the house.

We have devices at one end of the house, away from the house, elsewhere. We can't have the router in a central location.

I meant wired for your personal connection, not to the consoles, etc.

Yes, the router is getting moved. It's not my router. It would have to be a pretty long wire trailing through the house. To make sense of that, the person the router belongs to has that connection dedicated to his gaming consoles. I have no say in that matter. There is the potential that he will move the router to the outhouse, which brings us to the same issue - How to extend the signal?

The trouble is, we have two connections in the house. Two routers. It was cheaper to move an old connection to this address instead of cancelling it. But, we've always had the intention of letting one contract run out. So now we don't have wired capability. We have to convert to wireless to satisfy everybody.

So would a repeater be the solution? And then I need to know what wireless card I can have for myself.

How much would you be willing to spend on the wireless card?

Probably about £40 or less for my own device. Like the ASUS PCE-N53 I posted above. I just want recommended products. So if I have to purchase a wireless card, I would know what to choose. I may or may not need an inexpensive repeater.

I'm not really looking to buy at this moment in time. There's stuff that needs to be worked out here. In truth, we might keep both internet connections in my household.

Think of it this way: I am presenting a problem, and I want you guys to think of an appropriate solution. That's all I want. Just product A and product B.

If the router moves outside, I might need a combination of both products. If the router stays inside the house, I might only need product B to give sufficient signal to the outhouse. That makes sense? Because I wouldn't know of any working solution.

e.g "Powerline" will work for reasons X Y Z