Recommend SSD for Old PC

Hey guys,
I want to upgrade my mom’s PC with an SSD.
It’s an old computer so I want to make sure that I buy an SSD that will work correctly on that MoBo.
This is the MoBo:
Please recommend an SSD that’s not too expensive that will do the job. Thanks.

Also, since this is not last generation SATA, will the SSD be bottlenecked by this MoBo?


I’ve used SSDs on SATA 2 motherboards and nothing bad has happened to me yet. You probably won’t notice any slowdown unless you are really looking for it. Yeah, the bandwith won’t be as high but the IOPs are still there and the system will still feel snappy. You’ll be fine.

I think I have an Asus P5Q motherboard somewhere. I have not noticed any incompatibility with any SSDs (or other SATA devices).

I’m using a Curcial MX500 SSD. How big does the SSD have to be?


Hey, thanks for the info.

~250GB should do the trick.

To be honest: Any SSD should be fine for desktop use. I got my mom a WD Blue SSD and that works fine too.

Do you have a favourite retailer? Which country are you in?

I think I will just get the Crucial MX500, it’s just $50.


Yeah, sounds fine :slight_smile:

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Would got 500ish windows updates are getting stupid big


There are even IDE SSDs because the world is slow to upgrade.

I use SU800, A400, BX500 on old PCs / Laptops …

MX line from Crucial is solid and performs fine. I have two in my 2009 Mac pro which is SATAII as well. BX line is ok in older systems mostly but it doesn’t have DRAM, afaik.

Hi all, new to the forum.

I second the vote for Crucial MX they work fine. But as folks mentioned pretty much anything will do.

One gotcha on an old system could be memory capacity. If you are running 8 or 16gb of RAM you probably won’t need much page file activity. Though google Chrome and modern browsers can chew up RAM pretty quick so depending on what you are doing 8GB may not be enough.

If this is an OS drive you may want to consider paying a bit more for an MLC SSD since it will have better overall endurance. Especially if you are running say, 4GB of RAM. Paging to an MLC drive instead of TLC won’t wear the drive out as fast. Oh also PSA remember to disable the hibernation file on the OS install to reclaim some disk space, assuming you don’t need to hibernate a desktop.

A Samsung 860 pro would do it. There is a 250gb one on newegg for 90 bucks as of now.

I don’t see any Mushkin MLC drives but there were some out there not too long ago.

For reference:

SLC - 1 Bit per cell. Fast, long write endurance, expensive. Very few drives purely use this nowadays.
MLC- 2 Bits per cell slower, less write endurance, less costly, getting harder to find.
TLC - 3 Bits per cell, even less endurance, less cost, but one of the most common out there
QLC - 4 bits per cell, you get the idea, same as above. Modern Intel QLC drives often have an SLC cache to balance performance. New kids on the block.

In MLC the M stands for Multi which means 2 - thanks marketing guys, not confusing at all! Samsung has made things more complicated in the TLC EVO drives they call it 3-bit MLC and Pro is 2-bit MLC or plain old MLC. They are the only ones doing this as far as I am aware.

Only bringing this up because a friend of mine was asking how to breathe new life into an old laptop his folks had because it was very old and if they need virtual memory an MLC drive may give the folks an extra year or two over the TLC, depending on paging and hibernation use. But they are less and less common and TLC is fine in most case so it’s really a matter of preference.

Honestly, any sata drive will do. My preference is always new because you may not know how much was written to a used drive and new comes with warranty.

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To be fair, even a QLC will outlast a new laptop, if it has ~500gigs to wear level.
Desktops can be upgraded/reved/whatever, but and old laptop will probably die before the SSD

Yeet A400&cm_re=Kingston_A400--20-242-401--Product&quicklink=true

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Did the link get chopped in two?

No newegg randomly decides some links can have a space

Kingston A400 480GB, 50 bucks.

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I will never stop being astounded by the marvels of this disk wide web

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