Recommend me some stuff to cook

I fancy cooking something tomorrow, but couldnt think of anything, So I thought hey, why not ask the forum. So, what do you guys recommend? preferably something foreign that I'm unlikely to have eaten before, I debated getting some scotch bonnet peppers and making an insanely hot curry. 

Beef Bourguignon!

Had that before, its quite nice. :)

Thai Green Curry

Lemongrass Chicken

Lentil Soup



Thai green curry sounds interesting, ill try that, thanks weimer! 

fried breaded meatballs

scotch eggs

lentil soup

Thanks for all the links and suggestions anare, ill try them out sometime :)

Teriyaki port stir fry and steamed garlic sesame rice.


(This was dinner last night.)

1, Slice tomato up.

2, scramble some eggs into a bowl with black pepper, salt, and Parley flakes.

3, heat pan on high heat for a couple of minutes then turned it back down to medium heat.

4, stir fry the tomatoes until soft to your preference.

5, mix in the scramble eggs into the frying pan.

6, enjoy the your scrambled eggs.

The higher form of this dish is with the same ingredients except with added peeled shrimp!