Recommend me some media

So I love themes of
Serial killings
Mental damage due to major traumatic events
Cold hearted killers
Random murder

I liked things like utopia and deadman wonderland. If anyone has any other ideas

Do you want books shows or what.

There is a you tuber called Rob Dyke and he has a show called Seriously Strange that is pretty cool.

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All media
Anime, movies, TV shows, manga, books, comics etc

There is also a really good book called In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. You should give that a read it is a bit long but worth it.

Elfen lied is ok, but it tries to shove so much "disturbing" into one that its kinda... silly.

I like disturbing
I like gore
I like the exploration of mental issues caused by extreme trauma

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Then you should like Elfen Lied.

Mirrai Nikki too.

Those two are "mainstream" disturbing. Ive seen some cool underground stuff that would make you cry blood ;)


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basically any Quentin Tarantino movie, A Clock Work Orange, Full Metal Jacket and and Stanley Kubrick Movie, 1984 - Gorge orwell, fahrenheit 451, and just google sci fi books and sci fi movies to find some really good ones

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Maybe ask a doctor?

There is a Korean film called I Saw the Devil which is about a violent serial killer... Excellent movie

To piggy back on these animes, Shinsekai Yori is a great psychological thriller.

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I really really tried to enjoy that one but it was kinda... Meh ;-;

It moved extremely slowly and the viewer really has no idea what's going on for some major plot lines until much later. Luckily this was an "in-between" anime for me so I kinda zoned a bit when watching it. Made the "twists" and "wtf" parts stand out that much more I guess haha.

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You should read Tokyo-Ghoul / Tokyo Ghoul:re if you havent already. It's a great manga and has all these things you mentioned.

I just finished watching the anime too, and while being really good it has lots of things missing so i would strongly recommend reading the manga first.

While not quite as disturbing as your taste, I too like media about the downtrodden elements of society. Here are a few movies I have seen lately.

White Rabbit - Army vet w/ PTSD becomes a hacker.
He Never Died - Henry Rollins as a vegetarian vampire that gets pissed when he is forced to drink blood again.
The Thin Blue Line - Documentary about a man wrongfully jailed.
Sicaro - US gov dirty tricks in the war against Mexican drug cartels.
American Hero - Not really good, but I loved it. Loser guy wastes his super powers getting drunk and high all the time.

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Hey, they let me out of the mental hospital
What happens next is there fault

If you're interested in documentary style I'd highly recommend these:
The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst
Making a Murderer
Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father
Paradise Lost

For non-documentary:
Fargo - Movie and both TV Seasons
No Country For Old Men
True Detective - Season 1
Dead Mans Shoes
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
Ichi the Killer
Memories of Murder

I hope that will suffice.