Recommend me a recommendation

I'm looking for a good recommendation between $50-$100 range.

you want a reccomendation for what? Pizza? Burgers? Headset? Headphones? Vapes?

My personal Favorites, I have two sets one is older than me.

Not sure what amazons issue is with decimals, but that is $59.99

at the top of your pricerange
i have them and love them

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Sony mdr-7506 they retail for $99 I have them and whilst i used them they sounded great. I only stopped using them because i got HD 600s

lol I was being satirical in regards to amount of recommendations in this forum. No actual dialogue. Just people too lazy to research a product on their own. This section sounds like a broken record.

well thats part of the reason why we have fourms like this, to discuss tek and perhaps find products and solutions to issues that we havnt heard of before.

As well as discuss the news, we do that quite a bit aswell.

I used Razer Krakens for 2 years until they broke, Razer has a nice 2 year warranty, nice.

I've had okay experiences with a Razer headset. I had a Carcharias, which isn't made anymore $60 or so. It didn't break before I upgraded it, and it was a good deal. Still have it on a shelf for a backup situation.

Their higher stuff like Kraken is most definitely overpriced though. Razer is the Beats of gaming, all marketing and weird colors let them get more money for less performance. I recommend a mod mic plus decent open backed headphones, unless you really want wireless or something. If you can afford it, Sennheiser HD 598's are a great bargain and are among the more comfortable headphones (essentially, more comfortable than anything other than the HD 800). The 598's are $250, the 558's are $180. ATH-M50 for $160 are also a good deal. To fit within your price range, I think the Sony MDR-ZX 700 is your best bet, at $100.

Have the Krakens and they are the worst experience you will ever have.

Well my thread is there not because I'm lazy but because I'm not too knowledgeable in the headphone field. I literally had one pair since I dumped all my "gamer" trash and it's better to ask people who know their shit and not potentially waste hundreds of dollars .

Putting this old topic back to sleep.