Recommend me a OS only SSD

I really want a SSD with a good price/quality ratio. I don't know alot about SSDs so, what do you use for your OS and what do you recommend? Is 32GB enough?

60-64gb min for windows 7 - 8 min as windows 7 can use upto 30gbs (depending on version)

kingston v300

kingston hyperx

samsung 840 pro

Adata ssd 

Are good fast reliable drives



ztrain: i didn't ask for that thank you

cooperman: I use Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Well this is my windozzz 7 ult(64bit) installed to my 64gb kingston v300 ssd now 


And i have pagefileing off (pagefileing will allocate the same amount of ram you have to space on your drive if enabled)

I allso have windows hibernation off (this also alocates space to the drive if enabled)

I allso have windows backup off (this also allocates space on your drive if enabled)

So as you can see if you have everything on you can fill up a 60gb ssd very fast 

Yes i'm concerned about the this i have to set up differently when i have an SSD. Also need then to somehow remove my partition on my 2TB HDD

set up Windows differently*

No you just have to go in the bios and set the ssd to AHCI mode then just boot your windows dvd and run as normal