Recommend me a keyboard for gaming

It doesn't necessarily have to be a "gaming keyboard", i'm looking for something relatively minimalist.


CM quickfire

Really? What experience do you have with it? Why do you reommend it? Commissar you must be an expert on this and have tried all kinds of different keyboards and different switches. Personally I wouldn't get it because it dosent a numberpad, and that can be very useful in some games.

It really depends on what switches you prefer. If you dont which switch type you prefer, you can see this guide to help make the decicision. Personally I have a corsiar k60 and prefer red switches, but that's just me and not everyone prefers reds.

I prefer heavy switches like mx blacks, I was thinking of buying a unicomp keyboard, but I heard that buckling springs may not be ideal for gaming.

I really would reccommend that you get the Microsoft Sidewinder X4. I mean for its price Its a great keyboard. It's not too flashy in its design but is still backlit and also has a really nice feel when playing with it. You could get the X6 which has a detatchable numberpad that is really helpful if you're a lefty.

I think red switches are considered to be the jack of all trades. They work very well for typing in my experience, and also for gaming. You can sometimes press a button by accident because the switches are light as feathers. 

The only keyboard I can treuly recommend is the Qpad MK-85. It looks relatively traditional with backlightning, media buttons and USB hub. It's also really sturdy.

The price is about average for "High end" mechanical keyboards. Alternatively, you can get the MK-80, which is a stripped down version of MK-85 with no backlighting, media buttons and USB hub. 

I thought I was going to need to make a new topic, but I too want a minimalist gaming keyboard. I really want to go with MX red switches. I was looking at the Rosewill and Cooler Master keyboards but every review was about how it broke after 2 weeks. They only other keyboard I found that seemed to fit my criteria was a Ducky DK9008G2 but that thing is $140. But if it will really last me ten years I guess it would be worth it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreacited. I've been researching keyboards for 3 days now and still have no idea what to buy.

I do have it, and for the price its great, its sturdy, everything works, has nice functions as 10 key rollover and windows key locking, the red backlighht looks amazing due to the fact that the background of the keys is red too. I dont know what else can be said about a keyboard, if you want to know anything let me know. I do in fact agree with you that " commissars"  reccomendation is bullshit.